Aligning qualified talent with accomplished companies

We mine the marketplace for the most qualified professionals to fit your company’s unique needs, both for the position and for the organizational culture. We have carefully curated ecosystems specific to each of our industries with thoroughly vetted talent rosters that we leverage to jump-start the search process.

Direct-Hire Placement

We offer a battle-tested approach for the Direct Hiring Process. SCI conducts the necessary front-end diligence to fully qualify the role and client. We successfully leverage our vast network across a multitude of industries to Qualify, ID, Vet, and Match top talent for our clients. SCI is there to guide our clients through every step of the process to ensure success.

Contingency Workforce

If unexpected projects arise, employees leave, or workloads skyrocket, SCI is here to help. We’re agile and can tailor any offering to fit your needs. From Short- and Long-Term Assignments, Contract-to-Hire, Remote Staffing and Flex Hiring, we have you covered.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruiting often takes a back seat to more immediate business. SCI can efficiently take over the entire recruiting process and free our clients to do what they do best. We pride ourselves on keeping the recruiting chaos within our walls, so that only the best and most thoroughly screened candidates make it to your desk.