Value Add of Interns

We love our interns! Not because it’s a trendy thing to do, but because our interns add tremendous value to our company (& they keep us young). Since hiring our first intern last year, we have seen great strides in company culture, productivity, and health. And, because of our interns, we are better.  

Building out a team of interns is beneficial for everyone involved. Their fresh ideas and zest for life constantly blow us away, and we (hope we are) pouring into them and giving them valuable experience to build their careers upon. 

There is something really wonderful about having a team that differs in age, background, experience, and education. It allows for constant learning and growth, from all parties. We enjoy forging relationships with the college students who come into our office, even if it’s only for one semester. It’s so rewarding to play a small part in their collegiate story. 

We encourage everyone to begin an internship program. It is one of the wisest choices we have made for SCI. (And yes, we do pay them!) We don’t hire interns for cheap labor or to do the ‘grunt work.’ We welcome them as vital members of our team. We welcome their varied perspectives. We welcome their feedback and criticism. We welcome them, for all that they are. We learn what they are excited about, and what they are eager to know. We cater their experiences to the individual, and we do our best to retain them because we know that they make all of us better.